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Advocacy is a strategic move to change the stance or program of any institution on a particular subject. Civil Society Organizations can carry out local, national or international studies related to a problem area. In these studies, they reach individuals or social groups and try to solve problems and meet their needs.

Advocacy and lobbying is the work of NGOs to find permanent and wide-ranging solutions to the problems they are interested in. The aim is to remove structural, legal and cultural barriers to the solution. Advocacy is done to create a policy on a social issue or to overcome the lack of implementation of an existing policy. Even in everyday life, “everyone” who thinks and works to eliminate problems is a candidate to be a defender. Raising awareness, bringing it up, trying to find solutions, are the missions of advocacy and the movement to participate in decision-making on a subject that affects people’s lives (this movement may be institutional, regional, national or international). NGOs take the first step by setting a problem or agenda for the policy process, the next step is to determine the policy and the implementation process remains.

In this context, as Seena Project Consultancy, we organize trainings in order to support and train institutions in the fields of advocacy and lobbying, which cannot be actively carried out in civil society. At the end of the training, while the participation certificate is presented to each participant, consultancy will be provided to individuals and / or organizations in the field of advocacy / lobbying for the subjects determined for a month.

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