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High School Education

Seena Project, which provides support on the basis of trainings, projects and organizations to support the corporate systems of non-governmental organizations, public institutions and private companies, has also prepared training programs for high school students. In this context, trainings to be organized will be given under the title of “Civil Society Trainings“, “Volunteering“, “Volunteer Management“, “Advocacy-Lobbyism“, “Association Management“, “Civil Thinking“, “Civil Literacy“. Thanks to these trainings, the perspectives of high school students will be reinforced with feelings of national unity, philanthropy and benevolence, and charity projects will be supported starting from high school, and they will be trained in the context of communication and self-confidence up to university education. In addition to these, these trainings will bring high school students considering abroad education to the fore in their application processes. After the trainings, workshops will be organized with various non-governmental organizations and will be provided as a reference for students who wish, and they will be provided with the trainings to be provided by non-governmental organizations.

Seena Project, which aims to ensure that young people are self-confident, participatory and active by defending their country with projects, civil society studies and international arenas, will be the supporter of our high schools in the context of national and international projects with the schools that wish.

All these trainings are given with demo training. While the first trainings to be held are the gifts of the Seena Project to our high school students, the 6-module “Civil Society Trainings” training package will be shaped and priced in line with the needs of each high school. After each education, “participation documents” will be given to our students, and if the partnership agreement with high schools is signed, a “participation certificate” will be given together with the participating high school logo.

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