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Project Management and / or Project Consulting

Seena Project Consultancy, which was established on the basis of trainings, projects, consultancy, management and organizations in order to support the corporate systems of non-governmental organizations, public institutions and private companies, is also among its duties to manage the social responsibility projects required by associations / foundations / companies and to provide consultancy in this field.

Project writing is a much more troublesome, long and tiring process than writing, as it is the problem of every institution, it is somehow written, non-discretionary, and / or written by a company with a special budget. The projects in which each item is calculated separately, every expenditure is recorded and the process that needs to be carried out meticulously, cannot be realized or ends before the end, even if funds are found. If it is taking place within a company, projects that are not managed well can be clearly seen today, with examples that have put the company safe.

In this context, as Seena Proje Danışmanlık, we carry out consultancy activities as a guide and / or guide in your projects that are waiting to be realized.

Within this process, a person and / or unit is requested to be in active communication from the institution and detailed information is transferred both about the institution and the project to be worked on. In both areas, informative reports about the process are prepared monthly. Apart from these, interim reports and final report are prepared together with the person and / or units.

In the management process;

  • All functioning belongs to us.
  • Recruitment is done by us.
  • All budgeting is kept by us.
  • All reporting is done by us in communication with the institution.
  • The institution is constantly informed.

During the consultancy process;

  • A work schedule is prepared in line with the requests of the funding institution / unit.
  • It shows how it will work.
  • Stay in constant contact with the institution.
  • Recruitment interviews are made and the idea is stated.
  • All reporting is done by us.
  • You are informed about how budgeting should be done.
  • Each work prepared is passed through our control and the work continues.

These processes are completed after all the items obtained are delivered to the institution after the final report is delivered.

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