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Project Training

Seena Project, which provides support on the basis of trainings, projects and organizations to support the corporate systems of non-governmental organizations, public institutions and private companies, provides project trainings to associations / foundations / institutions. Projects are the sine qua non of an association / foundation / company. Each institution tries to create a project team within itself with either volunteers or professional employees. However, professional employees working in this field, who have completed their education, are not so common. In general, individuals who are active among the volunteers were moved to the project area or learned to write a project with a master-apprentice relationship within the traditional learning methods. Companies, on the other hand, try to create a professional working environment by transferring people from other departments to the corporate social responsibility department, but without their training and project writing experience, project departments cannot function.
In this context, project writing trainings are prepared by Seena Proje Danışmanlık in the form of training packages within the needs, vision and missions of associations / institutions / foundations, and are provided for volunteers / professionals.As a result of these trainings, as Seena Project Consultancy, we confirm that the trainees write one project in the training process. Institutions can take those projects from volunteers / employees if they wish, and if they wish, they can give the training to the trainee.
Training times vary from 10 to 40 hours.

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