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Project Writing

Seena Project Consultancy, which was founded on the basis of trainings, projects and organizations to support the corporate systems of non-governmental organizations, public institutions and private companies, prepares the social responsibility projects required by associations / foundations / companies in line with their needs.

The project writing process is carried out together with the responsible units of the institution and within the specified process, the project is budgeted by writing the format of the place to be sent wherever it is desired to be sent.
Throughout this process, it is proposed to assign a person whose information flow will be provided in order to better understand the institutions. In order to inform the institution until the deadline of the project, information is provided to the authorized person at certain intervals until the project delivery (information intervals are determined according to the deadline, working time).

After the project is written, the project is sent with the person and / or unit assigned to the place / system to be sent. In addition, if the project is sent to a pre-qualifying location, the process is followed by us and the details of the project that passed the pre-selection are prepared and sent to the relevant locales. If the written project is accepted, all project information is delivered to the concerned people with the prepared file and the process is completed. The process operates in the same way in unacceptable projects, and it is not the responsibility of Seena Project Consultancy to pass or fail a project.

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