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Non-governmental organizations have to report every work, research and / or projects professionally in order to increase their visibility and to be reliable. These reports are often far from professionalism, without scientific value. Contrary to what it should be, we often come across the idea that reports will have no scientific value in civil society, and we only see personal comments and / or the content of the work. However, while preparing a report, adhering to scientific committees enables it to reach the masses both in revealing and solving the problems. Apart from all these, besides informing the readers, it is also important to enable new researches, to ensure the accumulation and continuity of information.

In this context, as Seena Project Consultancy Company, reporting / reporting writing trainings are given to corporate employees and / or volunteers in line with the needs of non-governmental organizations, by adjusting the work plan according to their vision and missions. At the end of the training, the institution will have the ability to report employees / volunteers, and consultancy will be given to the reports of individuals and / or institutions who have been trained for 6 years, and a certificate of participation will be given to each person at the end of the training.

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