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Volunteering is the desire to do something for the benefit of the society, without waiting for any response. It is believing, working and acting. It is believing, working and acting. Volunteering; With the free will, knowledge, time, skills, experience and resources, with the free will, believing that it is right to increase the quality of life of people other than their family or immediate environment or to achieve the goals that are considered to be in the public interest, without waiting for a material response with a person’s sense of social responsibility. It can be defined as the use of a non-governmental organization for its purposes.

Although people want to apply to organizations and volunteer, they are often not activated. civil society in the Western countries not only in the execution of public services, voluntary increasingly important position comes, in Turkey, it is decreasing not increasing volunteerism in contrast to the popular belief!

If you want to attract and retain volunteers’ attention, and to establish a mutual, dynamic relationship and communication with them, what you need to do is clear: Volunteer training and volunteer management.

In volunteer management, coordinators do not have the luxury of randomly choosing their volunteers and they have to act like a corporate company manager. Volunteers are invited by a call and are included in the association / foundation through an interview process.Contrary to popular belief, volunteer management is very difficult. A company needs to be treated like an employee. The reason for this is that the studies should be done systematically and regularly. Persons and associations whose visions and missions do not overlap should not work together. If this happens, volunteers become burdensome to the association. Within these processes, trainings where mutual acquaintance, purpose of everyone is clearly understood and tasks are determined will enable him/her to get through the process easily.

During the training, Volunteer managers receive information about volunteer training, volunteers’ full recognition of the civil society / institutions / organizations they volunteer for, whether their vision and missions match, their spiritual gain from the association, human relations, time management, civil society awareness, working methods. also knows the volunteer and decides whether they will continue the process together. As a result of this process, the official process will start by signing the volunteer contract.

In general, people do not take civil society seriously and, by including it in an arbitrary process, they cannot actually enjoy it. However, volunteering is a process that will be continued with a completely professional process, with an amateur spirit, even if it is an hour of the week. When the voluntary potentials of the associations are used correctly, many studies will proceed quickly and in a controlled manner.

As Seena Project Consultancy, 5 volunteer training is given in volunteer trainings organized to give associations a professional awareness. These;

  • Civil Society
  • voluntariness
  • Volunteer Communication
  • Association introduction-Orientation *

In addition, an association of 1 hour will be promoted by the association manager and / or volunteer coordinator.

As a result of all the trainings, participants will be given participation certificates, which include the logo of the association / foundation / institution and the Seena Project, with the name and signatures of the educator and the president of the association.

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